Afcon infrastructure case analysis

It is improper to read the amended Section 89 in such a manner as to deny such power to the court or such right to the litigant. In these circumstances the contention that unbridled conferment of the powers under Section 89 1 to the courts might lead to anarchy and injustice is found to be not sustainable.

The court was dealing with the question as to who can make the rules and under what authority to implement the scheme of S. It is so fundamental that an attempt to appoint an arbitrator under Section 89 or to refer the matter for arbitration against the volition or consent of a party who has never agreed to such course must be repelled and resisted.

It is the answer to the perceived need for an Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism, accepted and encouraged by the state C. The section uses such language that it does not distinguish at all between the Afcon infrastructure case analysis methods of ADR available. The use of the word "may" in later part of Section 89 only relates to the aspect of reformulating the terms of a possible settlement.

I extract the same below: There is of course no inconsistency. Contention of The Appellant: The Judges clearly were of the opinion that there are numerous cases in which arbitration would be a better mode of resolution of dispute than a proceeding in the court.

If at all any interim relief can be claimed, it can be claimed only under Section 9 of the Act, it was contended. B The second anomaly is that sub-section 1 of section 89 imports the final stage of conciliation referred to in section 73 1 of the AC Act into the pre-ADR reference stage under section 89 of the Code.

It will only be apposite briefly to refer to the circumstances under which the alternative dispute resolution mechanism has been pressed into service by the Legislature under Section Brand JA found that: The rules have to be made by the Rule Making authority and the committee appointed by the Supreme Court does not step into the shoes of the rule making authority.

Is the complainant to be relegated to file an application for execution in a civil court? The other question for the consideration for the Honorable Bench was that in case the settlement reached in the process of mediation is not honored by the parties then, what would be subsequent course of action?

It is to be noted that generally the principles of Civil procedure shall not apply to Criminal matters, but as there is a lacuna in the legislative intent, Order XXIII Rule 3 of the CPC shall squarely apply to the subject matter of consideration by a Court under Section of the Cr.

The court is not a prisoner of such responses. On the same analogy, the Act in relation to conciliation would apply only after the stage of reference to conciliation.

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Appearance before the conciliatory forum or authority - Where a suit is referred under Rule 1-A, the parties shall appear before such forum or authority for conciliation of the suit.

It is only C. The model rules, with or without modification, which are formulated may be adopted by the High Courts concerned for giving effect to Section 89 2 d. They contended that the C. Varghese that there C. I have already extracted the said rules. Though there are indications that the parties after commencement of this lis had contemplated the idea of agreeing for an arbitration, there is nothing tangibe to come to a specific conclusion that there was any such actual or C.

I cannot attempt better to sketch the background. That Rules 1-A to 1-C do not speak of a compulsory reference against the volition and without consent of the parties to any one of the modes cannot be given any undue importance as those rules do not speak of compulsory reference for conciliation, judicial settlement and mediation also.

The Legislature was called upon to legislate. Therefore, the procedure to be adopted for the settlement would be as per the principles of CPC i. Important Observations of The Court: As the provisions of Arbitration Act, today stand, before a party can be forced to resort to arbitration, there must be a subsisting arbitration agreement between the parties or even in a matter ending in the court, parties can resort to arbitration by consent of all the parties involved in the dispute.

The language of Section 89 2 a makes it clear that the Arbitration contemplated under Section 89 1 a and 89 2 a is not a reference under Section 8 of the Act and hence the words "as if" are used in section 89 2 a.

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He particularly relies on the observation that " the intention of the Legislature behind enacting Section 89 is that where it appears to the court that there exists an element of a settlement which may be acceptable to the parties, they at the instance of the court shall be made to apply their mind so as to opt for one or the other of the four ADR methods mentioned in the section and if the parties do not agree, the courts shall refer them to one or C.

An Arbitration agreement under Section 7 was sine qua non for making a reference for arbitration under Section 8 of the Act. It is clear as day light that Arbitration is different from the other three modes.

In that process it would also affect the right to life under Article 21 of the Constitution. If that can be done by the statute, the counsel points out that, certainly such a reference can be made by the court in its discretion as permitted under Section The idea cannot be dubbed or totally unacceptable to norms and notions of justice.

An ipse dixit is a statement which is said by an individual and has no further proof of validity. Confronted with that problem the Legislature has prescribed the four methods of dispute resolution under Section 89 and the purpose is clear and evident - taking away the burden on the system and eliminating laws delays.CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE.

Afcon infrastructure case analysis Essay

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Hope this helps. k Views · View Upvoters. Related. The 18 eligible bidders are: Reliance Infrastructure, Megha Eng & Infra Ltd, NCC Ltd, TPL CENGIZ JV, L&T Ltd, Sadbhav Eng Ltd, PNC Infratech Ltd, Afcon Infrastructure Ltd, BSCPL GVPR Jv, Navayuga Eng Co Ltd, APCO Infratech Pvt Ltd, IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd, KNR Constructions Ltd, Dilip Buildcon Ltd, Montecarlo Ltd, Ashoka.

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afcon infrastructure ltd vs. cherian varkey construction ltd (This presentation is submitted as partial fulfillment of Assessment in the Subject of Alternative Dispute Resolution).

Case name: Afcon Infrastructure v - Afcon infrastructure case analysis introduction. cherian varkey Construction Ltd Citation: () 8 SCR Facts-in-Brief I) In the instant matter, the Cochin Port Trust (Second Respondent) entrusted the work of construction of certain bridges to Afcon Infrastructure Ltd (Appellants) in The.

AFCONS Infrastructure Limited is a part of Shapoorji Pallonji Group which is the third largest construction group in India with a group turnover in excess of ` billion. Over the last five decades, AFCONS has emerged as one of the leaders in Infrastructure EPC Industry by continuously delivering world-class services in the areas of Marine.

Afcon infrastructure case analysis
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