An overview of the war on music by piracy in an article by janis ian

Her parents, Victor a music teacher and Pearl, ran a summer camp in upstate New York, and, in that Cold War era, were frequently under government surveillance because of their left-wing politics. The Baen Free Library, at www. Additionally, when I buy a new CD, I make a copy for my car, a copy for upstairs, and a copy for my partner.

If the industry moved to a more varied ecology, independent labels and artists would thrive - to the detriment of the labels Why buy records when you can learn the entire Top 40 just by going shopping for groceries?

I just got the first half of my DAW royalties I am not saying copyrights are meaningless. There is zero evidence that material available for free online downloading is financially harming anyone.

Rubin Industry workers are losing out. Encourage consumers to use the site, even those of us for whom downloading with a modem is time-consuming and tedious.

File Sharing: A debate

On a clear day, I can even tune it in. If you let your representatives know, en masse, that you will not vote for them if they support ridiculous measures such as the bill allowing media companies to spread viruses on the computer of anyone "suspected" of file-sharing, and if enough of you tell them so, they will NOT work hand in glove with the RIAA.

So I went into it blind. Freedom from indentured servitude. This will also ensure that the experiment stays pure, and deals with only downloading.

Following each red reference is a quick-link directly to the external source. Recording industry accounting procedures are right up there with films. Without exposure, no one comes to shows, no one buys CDs, no one enables you to earn a living doing what you love.

Brilliant, except that it flouts previous court decisions about blank cassettes, blank videotapes, etc. You are welcome to post this article on any cooperating website, or in any print magazine, although we request that you include a link directed to http: One has only to look at the success of www.

I am objecting to the RIAA spin that they are doing this to protect "the artists", and make us more money. I am not saying copyrights are meaningless.

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But not to hear Congress tell it. However, I object violently to the pretense that they are in any way doing this for our benefit. I know because I was there. They know very well that most of us lose money if we have to pay that much; the point is to keep the big record stores happy by ensuring sales go to them.

They told me downloads were "destroying sales", "ruining the music industry", and "costing you money". Any "new" artist who manages to make the Grammys has millions of dollars in record company money behind them.

If the industry did not enforce copyrights, the perception would be that stealing is ok. Ian relates on her website that, although the song was originally intended for Atlantic and the label paid for her recording session, the label subsequently returned the master to her and quietly refused to release it.

Greene went on to say that "Many of the nominees here tonight, especially the new, less-established artists, are in immediate danger of being marginalized out of our business.

Reading this material, again for free, allows browsers to figure out which writers they want to find more of - and buy their books. Share Janis Ian born Janis Eddy Fink, April 7, is a Jewish American songwriter, singer, multi-instrumental musician, columnist, and science fiction fan-turned-author.

Any "new" artist who manages to make the Grammys has millions of dollars in record company money behind them, I can guarantee that. In fact, most of the hard evidence is to the contrary. Creativity will suffer, because no one would be willing to take the risk of pursuing a music career.

Statements like the one above do nothing to help the cause.Determinants of the Music Piracy Divide Abstract Why has physical piracy of music grown globally in recent years despite international efforts to reduce the problem? This research employs cross-country time series data analysis to examine physical music piracy rates across developed and developing economies.

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In an article she wrote, Hilary Rosen speculated that Janis Ian wrote "The Internet Debacle" in order to gain publicity for her new album.

However, no new Janis Ian album was in the works, let alone about to be released. The next Janis Ian album was not released until Augusta full year after the article first appeared.

Music piracy is the illegal copying or downloading of music without the consent of the recording artist, composer or recording company releasing the piece of music.

Paying for the music typically invokes the consent needed to make a copy legally. Music piracy has a devastating effect on songwriters. An Overview of the War on Music by Piracy in an Article by Janis Ian ( words, 1 pages) War on the Music In Janis Ian's article, "Free Downloads Play Sweet Music", published in Performing Songwriter Magazine inis trying to argue that free internet downloads are good for music industry and its artists.

Jun 09,  · This article by Janis Ian says it all for me beware, long article: THE INTERNET DEBACLE - AN ALTERNATIVE VIEW In the United States, record sales have indisputably started falling, a development that the RIAA blames on music piracy among younger customers (although a sharp economic slump has no doubt .

An overview of the war on music by piracy in an article by janis ian
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