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For example, Samia has only seen her husband for a year after her marriage. Although Samia pleads with him to turn it in he would have none of it. The practice of arranged marriages in this society is an unfair phenomenon.

The story reinforces the theme of materialism and societal influences on a person and their desires.

Another Evening at the Club

Samia is in love with Bey but, he has always been controlling everything she does. The emerald ring, the diamond bracelet, the lifestyle all symbolize the illusion of necessities that Samia now has.

Another Evening at the Club - Short Story Analysis

Samia, a central character in the story is married to Abood Bey; their marriage was an arranged one. Feministic concern of the story is that so many ladies fear the way the society might think about their affairs.

It is a clear indicator that in the Egyptian society,women should not take beer or be found drunk. What I have learned about the role of women in the societies that were described in these reading selections is this: This was a position that Samia had been taught to accept being brought up in a patriarchal society where the man has the authority.

Samia has no rights in her marriage or in her daily life.

Feminist Analysis: Another Evening at the Club

This practice of arranged marriages was common, but it gave the women no real rights. Society in which the story occurs is a patriarch one. The society in which the story setting occurs is utterly unfair to women and it results in unfairness and gender imbalance.

It is seemingly futile to respect someone and follow every single syllable of his commands when the person is your husband and not the boss. The demonstration of this occurs in the story when a man and his wife tell their servant that she has stolen a ring.

In reality, the wife has dropped the ring behind a piece of furniture Dobie Samia had enjoyed the benefits but could not endure the consequences of her decisions. One of the conflicts in this story is the marriage of Abboud Bey and Samia.

When she opens her eyes it was like a curtain had been raised and the show was over and it was time to go back to the real world.

The rights of females are violated. Feminists seek to encourage females from forcing themselves into pleasing the society in irrational ways. The waiters moving in between them shows the contrast in power and the life she may have had.

Another Evening At The Club – Essay Sample

It has been used to show that females also constitute one of the major challenges of feminism. The husband does not want to tell people that they have found the ring.

Upon seeing the ring Bey is instantly annoyed and refuses to entertain the thought of turning in the ring and freeing the young maid. The power implies the main stand in the story is that no matter what a womans placement is, she has to comply to the mans requests.

The power and allure of society had blocked out her sense and logic, which a simple gesture had now let lose.

Another Evening At The Club – Essay

Her entire existence is based upon him. The way this society is constructed creates a disadvantage for females. It was essentially telling them that they were property. In conclusion the story explores the materialistic but humane characteristics of a woman in a patriarchal society.

We can alike view this explanation, when Samias father directs the meeting, while him, his young woman and Abboud Beyare talking. Deal with best custom writing company online!In the short story “Another Evening at the Club” we explore this very bond. Samia, a Muslim woman who have found herself to be suited with a man, a rather wealthy, important man named Abbond Bey.

Within the story, Samia displays much submissive behaviors while Abbond shows more dominant traits. Feminist Analysis: Another Evening at the Club Home Essay Samples Feminist Analysis: Another Evening at the Club Feminist analysis of ideologies in the works of literature covers in its scope ideas and movements that defend the equality of economic, political, and social rights for women in the society as they appear in these works.

The title “Another Evening at the Club” is indeed close to me meaning of “Just Another Evening at the Club” because at the end of this story Samia “the wife” shows that she has empathy towards Gazia (young servant)for what Read More. English Essay #4: Comparison of another Evening at the Club and Spring Storm Men and women have different roles in society.

Men are usually known as the soul providers for the family and women are usually known as the house wife who does all. Another Evening at the Club - Short Story Analysis Essay Another Evening at the Club - Short Story Analysis and over other 29,+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!.

Autor: people • March 2, • Essay • Words (2 Pages) • 7, Views5/5(1). Gender Inequalities in Another Evening at the Club by Alifa Rifaat Alifa Rifaat was an Egyptian write who published her short story Another Evening at the Club in The story focuses heavily on the inequalities in the roles a.

Another evening at the club essay
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