Bachelor thesis eth

How environmental friendly are wood based products? Responsible Care - Are the Priorities Right? Please note that following the approval from your supervisor professorthe request must be submitted no later than four weeks before the submission deadline expires.

Subjects for the thesis are listed by the D-MAVT professors, or, alternatively, may be individually agreed upon. The latest date of registration on myStudies is one month after start. You will find the content specifications for the large thesis or the two small papers in the Study Guide.

Konzept zur Messung Knecht, K: The layout is attractive. The Focus Specialization and the Focus Project are equivalent options, spanning a two-semester program worth 20 credit points.

Pesticide residue model for fruits and relevance for consumer risk Ackermann, C: Interdisciplinary or trans-disciplinary theses merge findings from various areas to address an overarching issue, or include social players.

Consumer exposure to pesticide residues in food - Importance of secondary pathways Gutbrodt, S: In total, 5 Engineering Tool-courses must be completed. At the same time, the submission deadline has to be defined.

For the recognition of the completed Workshop Training, following documents must be uploaded to the internship application: Konrad Wegener Mechatronics, Fokus-Coordinator: Electives Electives increase theoretical and methodological aspects of fundamental knowledge.

Students are free to choose from the whole category; you will find recommendations regarding the choice of Electives relevant for the Focus Specializations in the following pdf document: The Electives of the current semester are published in the Course Catalogue: Material flow analysis and life cycle assessment modeling.

The presentations of the Focus Specializations can be found under Informationevents. The deadlines for registration and submission are binding.

However, the weight of criterion 5 also depends on the task at hand. Focus Project 14 credit points Courses, individually defined by the project coordinator 6 credit points Requirements: The bachelor thesis can be written either as a large thesis 10 CP or as two small papers 5 CP each.

It deploys sociological and humanistic tools of data collection, analysis and interpretation. Unless otherwise agreed, the grade will be entered in myStudies no later than 4 weeks after submission of the thesis. Water consumption and water stress indicators: The estimated workload is between hours short thesis and hours long thesis.

Only one course per semester is allowed. The findings are arranged clearly.Please note: the Bachelor’s degree programmes begin in German. In the second and third years of the programmes, some of the courses may take place in English. In the second and third years of the programmes, some of the courses may take place in English.

The Bachelor's thesis is an independently written, scientific work. It is supervised by a lecturer in the Environmental Sciences programme and is an important part of the Bachelor's programme. For example, an empirical study, a literature study, a planning task or a practical project can be carried out as a bachelor's thesis.

The Bachelor’s Thesis is realized in the 6th semester, corresponds to 14 credit points and is the completion of the studies. It encourages students to develop, enhance and demonstrate their methodological abilities and to independently tackle and.

Architecture and Civil Engineering. D-ARCH: Architecture ; D-BAUG: Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering; Engineering Sciences. D. The Bachelor's thesis is an independently written, scientific work.

It is supervised by a lecturer who teaches in the field of Agricultural Sciences. The thesis represents the completion of the Bachelor's degree. The Bachelor's Thesis is an independently written work.

It is compulsory for each student to sign a Declaration of Originality and to include it with the Bachelor's Thesis. The Declaration of Originality must be bound into the work.

Bachelor thesis eth
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