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The costumes are a mix of colours, comfort and beauty and Punjab is well known for the use of phulkari embroidery in its costumes. The extensive cuisine of Punjab can be vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Though Balochistan is an area of barren lands, deserts and mountains, the Baloch culture is full of traditions, arts and crafts.

Women and girls wear traditional long dresses with a light piece of cloth used to cover their hair. It is a UN World Heritage sitevalued for its archaeological and religious history. Hence, a Sindhi Cultural Festival is a compound of folk dances, music and cheap entertainment for local people.

Itinerant way of lifestyle is commonly seen in the desertic regions of Thar where people move from place to place in search for drinking water sources along with their animals. Waris Shah, whose contribution to Punjabi literature is best-known for his seminal work in Heer Ranjha, known as Shakespeare of Punjabi language.

History of Punjab Due to its location, the Punjab region came under constant attack and witnessed centuries of foreign invasions by the PersiansGreeksKushansScythiansTurks and Afghans.

Punjabi Culture

Muhammad bin Qasim was the first to bring message of Islam to the population of Punjab. Women also move in a circle clapping their hands on certain occasions. The religious festivals are same as across the country like Eid-ul-Azha and Eid-ul-Fiter.

Gandhara was conquered by the Achaemenid Empire in the 6th century BC. None was convincing enough to form a conclusion. At funerals after namaz-e-janaza it is customary to offer lunch to people who came for condolence. The large number of Punjabi poetry is being translated throughout the world into many languages.

During summers people drink lassi, doodh-soda, aloo bokharey ka sharbat, lemonade etc. In Sanskrit, the province was dubbed Sindhu meaning an ocean. Funerals of Shia families are more intense.

The Khattak Dance is performed by the Khattak tribe. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Although the Umayyad family originally came from the city of Meccatheir capital was Damascus.

One of the most famous dishes includes tikkah,serge,sugi ka halwa,kawa,chapali kabab,kabala palao,special long naans. Different forms of dance in Punjab are: Different forms of dance in Punjab are: During summers people drink lassi, doodh-soda, aloo bokharey ka sharbat, lemonade etc.

Over centuries, Islamic traditions were incorporated into the lives of Punjabi Muslims. The Provincial capital Lahore is widely popular for its entertaining events and activities. If we travel around the country, we could easily find the conventional values.

Most Punjabi food is eaten with either rice or roti. Punjabi dance is based around happiness, energy and enthusiasm. In Pakistani culture, there are clear signs of Indian culture that is why it is known as Indo-Pak culture.

The Brahmins and Khatris were once a singular group living in the Punjab who practiced Hinduism [ citation needed ].

Birth Rituals Punjabis celebrate birth of their child with great enthusiasm. A coalition was formed against Alexander by the Cathians, the people of Multanwho were very skilful in war.

There are many historical places in Pakistan which depict the traditons of Mughal era. The main crafts created in the highlands and other rural areas of Punjab are basketry, pottery, which are famous for their modern and traditional designs all over the world and are included in the best formations of Punjabis.

Punjab, Pakistan

Wheat, millet and rice are part of the Baloch meal. Baloch culture is rich in folk music dances and songs. Sindhi society is dominated by great Sufis, the mystics and the martyrs. Two drummers and a flute player play a particular tune.

The Umayyad Caliphate was the second Arab, Islamic caliphate established after the death of Muhammad. Tools up to two million years old have been recovered in potohar plateau. Bhitai was also an excellent musician.I belong to the city of Sargodha which is located in province of Punjab.

Culture of Sargodha is Punjabi. Culture: Punjabi Culture is one of the oldest in world history. Essay on cultures of pakistan CULTURE What is. CULTURE OF PAKISTAN 1.

CULTURE – (DEFINITION, SOURCES, TRAITS) Cultural Backround of Punjab Essay Cultural backround of Punjab Punjabi Culture is the culture of the Punjab region. It is one of the oldest in world history, dating from ancient antiquity to the modern era.

Essay on culture of Pakistan Culture comprises of the virtues and codes that retain in any particular nation, which becomes the traditional value of that nation.

Punjab (the land of five rivers) is the biggest land area of Pakistan and is popularly known for its culture. It shares most of its cultural and carnival values with Indian culture. According to population, 56% of the total population of the. The Government of Punjab is a provincial government in the federal structure of Pakistan, is based in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab Province.

The Chief Minister of Punjab (CM) is elected by the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab to serve as the head of the provincial government in Punjab, killarney10mile.comy: Pakistan. Pakistan geography is the mixture of south Asia, central Asia and west Asia so the culture of Pakistan is unique then the rest of countries, it's a combination of Islamic, regional, English and global influences, Increasing globalization has improved the pressure of western culture and Pakistan culture.

Essay on culture of punjab pakistan
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