How to write a play review gcse drama exam

Joe is forced to put pressure on his son James to find a job adding to the worries he is already dealing with. At the end of the forum theatre, we managed to put together quite a successful scene.

Whether it was placing the tallest person next to the shortest to create a contrast or using levels to show authority such as in the introductory scene during the storm.

More essays like this: Pathetic fallacy was used in the lighting and sound as how to write a play review gcse drama exam complimented the feelings evoked by the script, the lights were usually dimmed with spotlights being used when appropriate. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

However in my opinion we managed time very well as we was able to brainstorm numerous ideas in such a short time. The minimalistic approach was also incorporated into their costumes; each person wore black in every scene except for the conclusion where the ghost of Banquo wore a white shirt.

If I remember correctly, every character though tracked just before they got up to dance. More essays like this: I particularly liked the way they incorporated the work of Shakespeare into the plot and how it complimented the events happening in present time. I chose to play this role, as I thought it would liven up the atmosphere of the pub, and also add to the chatty style, which is quite authentic, as a pub is a quite laid back informal place.

Traditionally a mime artist is portrayed as a sad character, which is either trying to climb a wall to brake free, or run from a chase, these performances are usually very short and simple. Joe surrenders his job, despite it being his only source income because of the harsh conditions his boss was setting.

We resolved this with the football fans miming when important dialogue was being discussed. Also they were quite casual outfits, and do not have paints on there face. Despite the doubling, tripling and even quadrupling of characters, the changes were clear to the audience because of the varieties of language used.

Mime artists are usually dressed in comical outfits, and have a white face painted on along with an upside down smile Frownthis is a fairly obvious way to show a characters emotion.

Review of GCSE Play Essay Sample

By using only essentials, it meant that we as an audience were able to focus on the dialogue and facial expressions communicated by the actors rather than get distracted by objects or costumes.

After losing a game of chess, James receives the advice: Life as a Tempest opened with a storm — literally; flashing lights represented the bad weather faced by a royal party.

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There were definitely stronger parts throughout the scene, but overall I think as a group we did very well. They stand on the blocks — higher than everyone else underlining their authority, the scene ends in argument, with Gonzalo remaining the only calm member of the crew while the ship is splitting in half.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. I found that every time we practised, I became more confident, as well as the rest of the group, and this definitely improved our performance, as we became better at improvising and interacting with each other.

The play then cuts to a different story, also one of difficulty. We had chance to practice our performance 4 times, each time evaluating and improving by adding on suitable ideas we discussed as a group, e.

The play ends with a scene from Macbeth and the ghost of Banquo joins them at a banquet wearing a white shirt, contrasting with everyone else wearing black. Also my character would be wearing a wedding ring, which would symbolise she was married.

If I was going to where a costume to represent my character it would most likely be a low cut tight black top, red mini skirt with a pair of shiny black heels, finalised with an expensive handbag, and necklace, to show my character had expensive taste. Others pulled totally opposite expressions, gritting there teeth, droopy eyes.The written exam paper examines the following Assessment Objectives: AO1 – ‘to recall, select and communicate their knowledge and understanding of drama to generate, explore, and develop ideas’.

Writing about and evaluating theatre

These are the DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN questions. AO2 – ‘to analyse and evaluate their own work and that of others using appropriate terminology’.

Mar 15,  · The whole of AQA C1 in only 48 minutes. GCSE Core science and chemistry revision - Duration: Science and Maths by Primrose Kittenviews.

More, not less, for GCSE Drama students Our drama subject specialist, Karen Latto, explains the decision to include a variety of performances for the live theatre requirement at GCSE, countering misinformation that students now get less.

Apr 17,  · Character and costume - draw and label the costume work by one of the actors and discuss how this helped to define the character.

then write a paragraph to discuss how the actor used medium and elements to further your understanding of. Review of GCSE Play Essay Sample. After watching the GCSE drama performances, students were asked to choose a play to evaluate.

I chose a play called Life is a Tempest; this was because I enjoyed the way the actors explored how the stories of Shakespeare can parallel reality.

Sep 06,  · AQA Drama GCSE. Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Marty57, Aug 26, Thanks for prompting me to finally write that email to the subject leader.

GCSE Drama Portfolio Essay Sample

I have sent it through Ask AQA, so hope it will get to the right person eventually. They have offered a review of marks to any concerned centre with no risk to .

How to write a play review gcse drama exam
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