Icwai intermediate model question papers

The Bank filed a suit against Y and Z for recovery of the said loan from them. Rama proposed to sell his house to Ramesh.

Decide, stating the provisions of the payment of Bonus Act,whether the employees, who resigned, remaining full-time employees and part-time employees will get relief. Examine the contention of the company and the decision taken by the company to forfeit the amount of gratuity in the light of the Payment of Gratuity Act, X agreed to sell to Mr.

Against the decision, all the employees applied to the authorities for relief. State the cases in which the claim of Quantum Meruit arise. On 30th April,all the shares of X a shareholder of the company are sold to Y another shareholder of the company in an auction by the order of the court.

Ramesh sent his acceptance by post. Due to strike of workers, mismanagement in the company and accidental loss of the assets the company suffered heavy losses continuously since its incorporation, resulting which the large part of the capital and assets were wiped out.

Z, a shareholder of the company was in USA for a business trip from January and thus he was not aware of the developments.

2012 Commerce B.Com International Business ICWAI Intermediate Group I Test Papers Question paper

Against the decision of the company, A, B and C applied to the court for relief. What are the essential elements of Partnership? State the provisions of law in this regard as stated under the Payment of Bonus Act, Examine the validity of the acceptance in the light of the following: A, B and C, committed the following acts: After completing service of 28 days, in an accounting year, 10 full-time employees submitted their resignations and left the service of the company.

Baumhart c Adam Smith d Campbell Jones xiv Which of the following is not a threat that may affect the business environment and influence finance and accounting professionals: Give examples of ethical issues faced by the individual in the workplace.

ICWAI question papers with answers inter final CMA previous year old paper

The Company contended that the right to gratuity is not a statutory right and the forfeited amount of gratuity was within the law. He forfeits his recognizance. Referring to the provisions of the Indian Contract Act, decide whether W is entitled to get the reimbursement of the said amount from Z.

The company continues to carry on its business thereafter. What is meant by Pre-Incorporation Contracts? Y a parcel of bags of groundnuts lying in his godown. Would your answer be the same, if the said loan was taken in the month of March, ?Test Papers — Intermediate Group II 47 (d) M/s SAS imported citizen calculators model No.

CT of Chinese origin from Singapore and declared value to be US$ per piece in the Bill of Entry. Previous Year Question Paper Of Icwai Inter Previous Year Question Paper Of Icwai Inter CHAPTER 4 POST OFFICE EXAM MODEL QUESTION PAPER WITH ANSWERS RAMSEY UNIT 3 TEST ANSWERS SOLUTION INTERMEDIATE OXFORD EXAM SUPPORT POETRY TERMS QUIZ WITH.

Download CMA Foundation Question Papers: Complete collection of CMA Foundation Question Papers with MTP'S,RTP'S,suggested answers and study material. Test Papers — Intermediate Group II PAPER 10 APPLIED INDIRECT TAXATION TEST PAPER — II/10/AIT//T-4 Time Allowed: 3 hours Answer any five questions 1.

(a) State the Conditions for levy of excise duty. CMA Inter Suggested Answers From Dec to Dec In the previous post, we have given ICWAI Inter Question Papers of previous exams. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India conducts CMA Inter exams twice in a year in the months of June and December.

revised syllabus test papers intermediate group ii question papers for postal students only (for june/december ) the institute of cost accountants of india.

Icwai intermediate model question papers
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