Learning and nurses

Another group along this lines is the EXG Extremity Gamesgeared toward athletes who have lost limbs.


This website is for medical and paramedical professionals working in the field of spinal cord injuries. Pass on diseases and expose family and friends to some ill-advised fun.

Initial design of the system was focused on hospital waiting rooms and other similar healthcare settings.

The cost of services and the organization or person responsible for meeting these costs is also often required. But, online games geared to nursing and health care professionals and their patients have become hot news lately. However, all team members would benefit from a better understanding of the psychological and social implications of SCI.

These games are focused on making the health care profession easier, more efficient and better prepared to handle patients from the Net generation. Good for adults or for children. SnowWorld was designed to help put out the fire for burn patients.

The submodules include videos, case studies, interactive activities and interviews with physiotherapists from around the world. Try this game and other skill sets at a site geared toward student nurses.

Earn College Credits For Your Degree.

Cignaa worldwide healthcare plan provider, has launched a pilot project at Second Life that will use a virtual health care community in an effort to positively change health care behaviors. The teams met with a respiratory therapist, who mapped the breathing regimens that would be of greatest benefit to players.

This site lists games for dental students, health care students and a tool for pain care management. It looks at the influence of transport, work and sport on the incidence of SCI in different countries. This module covers a diverse range of topics such as adjustment to disability, depression, anxiety, sexuality, finances, family and community support.

This module explores the causes of SCI throughout the world. These games are designed to help nurses and other health care professionals develop scenarios that will care for fictitious patients. From memory games to challenges for motor skills, Sheppard Software provides it all.

J Wyndaele Welcome to all users of the e-learning website on the management and rehabilitation of individuals with spinal cord injury. So how do you get ahead?

Friday Night at the ER: The game has been developed by Nasco Health Care. These tools will help you to stay on top of any new developments in the health games field. The first Zyked product is an innovative Internet- and mobile service currently in Alpha testing.The New York State Nurses Association is the professional membership, labor union and nursing education resource for Registered Nurses in New York State.

Continuing Nursing Education - Nursing CEUs

Are you ready to learn nursing and health care skills via the Internet? According to author Diane J. Skiba, unless you are within 5 years of retirement, you will be encountering the “Net generation” in your nursing killarney10mile.com is a group that embraces technology, and it believes that health care, like education, is in the dark ages when it comes to.

Learning Modules

Online Nursing Continuing Education and CE credits for Registered Nurses, LPN's, Student Nurses, Practitioners, and Health Care Providers. CNE Courses.

Online CNE courses designed for school nurses in the NASN Learning Center. See more. nurse educators, and nurses regarding the complexities surrounding educational preparation for nursing practice. YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Youngstown General Duty Nurses Association – the nurses’ union at Northside Regional Medical Center represented by the Ohio Nurses Association – will hold a press conference August 16th at am in front of Northside Regional Medical Center to provide comment on today’s announcement of the closure.

Learning and nurses
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