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Arkeville planned to acquire one by tapping into an amazingly powerful extra-spatial source that the Autobot Translink Project had uncovered. Tortured for an eternity until pain became indistinguishable from pleasure and the former Autobot longed for only this sensation.

Nemesis Prime

A time warp suddenly appeared and produced a mysterious orb which touched the clone body, causing the clone to both activate and vanish. Arkeville, seeking to create an evil leader greater than Megatronused a subspace impulse cloner to duplicate Optimus Prime with a snazzy black-and-teal paint job.

The uncontrolled fury of the creation resulted in it getting loose and going on a rampage that was only stopped by nemesis prime custom essay Aerialbots. Gallery Nemesis as seen in Armada Nemesis Prime in the film series.

Nemesis Prime participated in numerous one-on-one matches against other Autobots and Decepticons, using his fists, his sword, or his gun to defeat his opponents.

Attempting a test run in a human settlement in AustraliaNemesis Prime was thwarted by a contingent of Autobots led by Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus. When Nemesis first arrived on earth, he promptly proclaimed who he was to Megatron.

Seeing the logic in this order, Shockwave complied. His very nature is destruction. The Autobots had just send a drone into the past with the intent of restoring the correct timeline, expecting reality to change around them, returning to its proper state.

Designed to be the ultimate military commander, he had arguably the mightiest Binaltech Transformer body ever constructed, but it remained without a life-force.

Sometimes there were many of him! He was also given new extended, more dynamic and accurate smoke stacks, as well as more firepower that connect to his arms with rare earth magnets.

He uses the Ion cannon to blast the target a few times, then gets closer and burns it with his flame thrower. This figure had well over 40 pieces when taken apart, and took quite a long time to complete.

Arkeville after that is unknown, but soon after activation, Nemesis Prime began to make his move. Transformers Legends No amount of trimming will ever make those smokestacks safe. The first thing that would strike anyone looking at this figure are the long, chrome smoke stacks that tower over this evil one.

Nemesis Prime could further augment himself by bonding with Prime Masters.

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While Nemesis had the advantage as he was incapable of feeling pain, Silasthe man controlling Nemesis, was forced to vacate his pilot seat in a fist fight, rendering Nemesis immobile. Sometimes, he is either affiliated with the Decepticons or a different character entirely with no faction.

He experimented with a subspace linkup to channel a life force, but the operation was interrupted: The Autobots continued questioning this "Black Optimus", who explained that he was a spark who had been sent back in time from the distant future, referring to himself only as "the Protector ".

All Spark I want to tell you about the Transformers! He is an evil clone of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their video game appearances.

Light Our Darkest Hour event Class: The new blog, which gets updated daily, is located here: It is unknown whether this final step ever came to fruition.The dark mirror of Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime is a clone of the Autobot leader imbued with many of his abilities but lacking all moral restraint.

Nemesis Prime (G1)

Designed by renowned artist Josh Nizzi, famous for his interpretations in the Transformers movies.5/5(1). Nemesis Prime. likes. I am Nemesis Prime i'm nether Autobot nah am I Decepticon I hurt both races and slaughter all who get in my way. Find great deals on eBay for nemesis prime. Shop with confidence.

Buy Transformers Universe Nemesis Prime: Action Figures - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases4/5(1). EnclineDesigns proves once again that he can take a normal Optimus Prime figure and transform it into a formidable predator with his Custom Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated figure.

This custom is a step above the rest of the Animated Transformer customs I have seen to date for several reasons. Nemesis Prime (3" Robot Masters) Accessories: Ion Blaster, display stand Had it been released, this toy would have been a redeco of War Within Optimus Prime.

Nemesis Prime (Transformers Generation 1)

His unpublished bio described a character much like the Universe version mentioned above, but without reference to Straxus or any type of origin story.

Nemesis prime custom essay
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