Patriotism among indian youth

A patriot is immortal. The only gap lies between what the youth does and what the people think of it to be. We want the other countries to bow in front of our nation for the co-existence of culture and rationality, unity and diversity, belief and reality, and development and rootedness.

The youth believes in itself and it is nothing but a very integral part of this country. They want no rape or corruption, they want to bring an end to the terrorism, they want the government to prove that they are of the people, by the people and for the people.

They wish to make their native land free. He also must try to make his India free from povertyignorance and superstition.

But this is also a fact that when it comes to criticizing the country, the youth would not step back, it would be utterly truthful but only so that they could show the nation where it is going wrong.

They won the hearts of their countrymen. These students — an explosive combination of leftists and separatists that forever pose a hindrance to the growth of the countryraised anti-India slogans, which invoked the very destruction of our motherland, India.

He is sometimes an enemy to the country. At every step, a child lets his vivid imagination run wild as he looks up to these legendary role models; and how each one of them might have lived…and died…for the country. Thus many patriots lost their all, even their lives for the good of the country.

Along with the national anthem, kids must be made familiar with the pristine importance of a piece of cloth which get transformed into the insignia of the motherland as soon as it gets coloured with saffron, white and green, which is our tricolour. He sacrificed everything for the freedom of his country.

Youth and Patriotism in India

We should, therefore, love our country as well as those of others. The pride you feel when somebody abroad asks you which country you belong to and you say India. Similarly, the family can narrate stories of independence and the golden history of the nation to instill feeling of pride in kids.

The youth wants to filter the bad and keep only the good. Some are ready to sacrifice their own interest for the good of the country. Short Essay on Patriotism Patriots are selfless people who care for the welfare of their fellow beings.

There is no place of narrowness in the mind of a true patriot. That is what we all do with the people we love, tell them that they are wrong so that they could improve and become better.

An Indian Patriot is ever ready to lay down his life in the service of his country, India. They strive for eradication of social evils and work hard to uplift the society. It is said that mother and motherland are superior to heaven. The youth has brought great development to the country and this is their way of saying that they love India.

Home Society Youth and Patriotism in India Youth and Patriotism in India By 5 No, I am not talking about the feeling you get when you watch an India vs Pakistan match, I am talking about the zeal with which you work to make your nation the best in the world.

A thought is a reflection of the mental picture.

Short essay on Importance of Patriotism

Even today, there is a need for patriotic thought among Indian. Of course, the icing on the cake is that there are no patriotic TV serials on the television screen. Patriotism is one of the best virtues of men. For they are source of inspiration in independent India are also the soldiers who have sacrificed their life fighting against enemy of the state, foreign or within.

To an Indian patriot his mother and motherland are superior even to heaven.Free Essays on Patriotism And Youth In India. Get help with your writing. 1 through We’ve Got Lots of Free Essays Major Issues Of Indian Youth The major issues of Indian Youth This is 21st century and its which are contribution to the Internet boom in India.

The Internet has extremely| |popular among the youth and as well as.

Short Article on Patriotism in India

Patriotism and the Youth in India; Patriotism and the Youth in India. Words Aug 13th, 13 Pages. 1 In the background you see the outer wall of an Indian palace, while in the foreground, seated on horseback is the third son of Queen Victoria of Britain, Crime in India Among the Youth in Recent Times.

Patriotism and the Youth in India which governed the larger historic region of Kashmir, thisterritory is disputed among China, India and Pakistan. Pakistan, which claims the territory as disputed,[1] refers to it alternatively as Indian-occupied Kashmir or Indian-held Kashmir, while some international agencies such as the United Nations[2.

Patriotism: A seed to be sown in childhood and watered with lives of national heros All of a sudden these days, patriotism is the talk of the town or rather, the nation. The media channels are busy discussing the categorization of a national versus an anti-national; and people are trying to formulate a newer definition of [ ].

The feeling of Patriotism is important for the Freedom of a Country. A partiotic person will always be ready to sacrifice his life for the love for his country. A Patriot is immortal. May 10,  · Are Indians patriotic? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 18 Answers This is a nation where my fellow youth ridicule me if I speak passionately about the country.

They and the admiration for any of its threads continued in the present is a very popular form of patriotism among many Indians.

How to Promote Patriotism Among Pupils

A growing, if not equal number of Indians .

Patriotism among indian youth
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