Reflective account on dementia care

The positive things about this experience are that I followed procedures and assisted Tom with his hygiene needs. As such carers with lower levels of physical health are more likely to suffer from psychological consequences of caring for someone wit dementia.

There are many impacts of caring for a person with Dementia, these vary from financial costs as caring can be significant, health, the impact of caring can be detrimental to the health of carers.

Studies of Grief in Adult life, identified five stages of grief, these being alarm, searching, mitigation, anger and guilt, and lastly gaining a new identity. Auburn Care of Older Adults.

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As mentioned earlier there is less depression amongst Black and Asian carers as compared to those of their white counterparts and as of yet no explanation has yet been clarified of this fact.

Carers of people with dementia experience various emotional problems during the course of the illness; the most significant of these problems is depression Rabins et al, Jasper suggests that reflection is one of the key ways in Reflective account on dementia care we can learn from our experiences.

Assisting patients to meet their hygiene needs is a very important part of nursing care Baillie Statistics from the Charity Carers UK indicate that 1 in 8 adults are cares, which is about six million people in retrospect of the United Kingdom population.

The nearest place that she could go to was 50 miles and now that she was not that her mobility was limited it was difficult to seek solace in her faith. Furthermore in Mrs XL situation it is important for social workers to recognise the values and ethics in our practice when working with people from different ethnic groups.

More so women tend to be proactive, that is they tend to get stuck in and do everything themselves rather than delegate some of the caring to other members of the family. Once they are happy that you have correctly recorded and reflected your five pieces, they will sign a copy of the mandatory Reflective Discussion NMC form.

Carers are an important people in our society. There is also the lack of understanding by society as a whole. The research that underpins this report has used a methodology known as the Expert Delphi Consensus to produce the best possible estimates using currently available research data.

Delaying the onset of dementia by five years would halve the number of UK deaths due to dementia to 30, a year. Dementia is most commonly misunderstood and misrepresented in terms of what it is and what actually causes it and most importantly who it affects.

This represents one person in every 88 1.

Most dementia illnesses are progressive and the symptoms differ from one individual to another and also from the early stages to the later stages. Carers who report direct abuse toward patients are often more stressed or burdened by aring responsibilities and depression than individuals not engaged in abuse.

The report estimates that there are 11, people from black and minority ethnic groups with dementia. Furthermore carers who experience feelings of powerlessness, lack of control and unpreparedness have higher levels of depression Coppel et al, How to complete a reflective account: The use of interpreters for assessment is problematic, a number of nurses spoke about the difficulties involved in assessing a client using an interpreter.

Definitions of Dementia have become more precise and to the point in the last twenty years or so, the current diagnostic criteria for Dementia mainly refer to the multiple cognitive and intellectual deficiencies.

The Mental Capacity Act took effect from April Moreover Social support plays an important part in shaping out the effects of caring for someone with dementia.

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Good Practice and Care Management, London:Frontotemporal dementia was considered to account for a substantial proportion of young onset cases among younger men. The goal of good dementia care should be to improve people’s sense of well being the inner resources available to them and to lift their quality of life just as valid a set of therapeutic aims as cure.

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Hnc Health Care Reflective Account. Topics: Personal at which I am currently on placement Gloria is under the Adults with Incapacity Scotland Act due to a diagnosis of Dementia.

She is mobile with the aid of a Zimmer frame and is still as independent as her health allows. Reflective Account 4 Description I am currently on.

Find out how to complete a reflective account. Candidate Login Recruiter Login Register Now; Toggle Nursing and Care Allied Health Professionals How to write a reflective account. Definition of ‘Reflect’: To think, meditate, or ponder. As part of your revalidation application, you will be required to provide five reflective.

with dementia Reflective Learning and Supervision Promoting Dignity in the Advanced Stages of Dementia End of Life Care (EoLC) for people in the advanced stages of dementia Qualification Progression Routes to support the workforce Working with other health and social care professionals.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Reflective Account On Dementia Care. How do i write a reflective account about someone with dementia - Answered by a verified Writing Tutor by his dementia has worsened and family are getting more distressed over this.

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Reflective account on dementia care
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