The value of a name in the language of oppression by haig bosmajian

As one of these sex offenders put it: In this nineteenth-century account, the Bedouins performed infibulation on their female slaves to insure that they reached their owners undamaged: There is no historical precedent for suchauthentic grieving.

Throughout this sordid tale of moral nihilism and physical annihilation, O is subjected to interminable acts of degradation and violence: Somebody left their sweater behind. Mikkola a also defends Langton-Hornsby against Bird and Jacobson. He called woman "a puny creature, always inferior to man, infinitely less attractive than he, less ingenious, less wise, constructed in a disgusting manner entirely opposite to what is capable of pleasing a man, to what is able to delight him.

German philosopher Otto Weininger, in particular, proved to be an avid curator. Many perpetrators believe that their status as males actually entitles them to exploit the minds and bodies of women in any way they wish.

The incidence of rape was so extensive that this outburst became known as "the Rape of Nanking.

Feminist Philosophy of Language

This act had many perlocutionary effects: The Church of the East: Humanities Press International, The voices to which I listenedagain and again belong to those who have thought deeply about the xxiv Sparing the Child: Forexample, stories about Hitler Youths deny their main characters heroicgestures and instead depict them as diminished selves.

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It has served as a basis for laws governing male-female relationships inside and outside the family, and has long furnished a rationalization for wife-battering, rape, and other atrocities. During the tenth century, an epoch marked by an abundance of pejorative stereotypes of females, Odo of Cluny asked: Laurence Horn and Steven R.

In one such painting, a virgin having sexual contact with a monkey is depicted as being "bestialized, devirginized and monkeyfied. Christian burnings[ edit ] And many that believed, came and confessed and shewed their deeds.

A female genius is a contradiction in terms. A person is perlocutionarily silenced when her speech cannot have its intended effects. According to Langtonpornography helps to bring about rape by perlocutionarily and illocutionarily silencing women. His knowledge of grammar and rhetoric madehim the best of proofreaders.

McGregor Allan emphasized that "every woman is, according to temperament and other circumstances, always more or less an invalid In his diatribe against female in positions of power and leadership--The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women --John Knox claimed that God "hath raised up these Jezebels to be the uttermost of his plagues.

Before his death, Franz Kafka wrote to his friend and literary executor Max Brod: Every brutal-minded man, and many a man who in other relations of life is not brutal, entertains more or less vaguely the notion that his wife is his thing, and is ready to ask with indignation as we read again and again in the police reports of anyone who interferes with his treatment of her, "May I not do what I will with my own?

These sentences can be used to express merely descriptive claims—describing, for example, crying as something not that many boys do. It obliged married women "to conform themselves entirely to the temper of their husbands and the husbands to rule their wives as necessary and inseparable possessions.

We have already seen problems for the idea that men control language. He is remembered as the man who inspired millions to march willingly to their deaths in defense of this vile cause, and he will forever be remembered as the coward who committed suicide rather than do the same.Examines decadence in our language, especially that language which leads to dehumanization and degradation of human beings.

Powerful illustrations may be found in the fact that, for instance, Hitler s Final Solution appeared reasonable once the Jews were successfully labelled by the Nazis as sub-humans, parasites, vermin, or bacilli. Language of Oppression Bosmajian, Haig A. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, Bosmajian examines the effect of the use of language.

In Haig Bosmajian's essay, "The Language of Oppression," he speaks of the value of a name. "To receive a name is to be elevated to the status of a human being; without a name one's identity is questionable." A human being is defined by his name.

Without a name no one knows who he is, for he has no i. Haig Bosmajian Author Desc: Haig Aram Bosmajian was an author, lecturer, and professor, who received the Orwell Award for his book The Language of Oppression.

Beyond “scribbling women”: Women writing (on) the Web. Author links open overlay panel Lisa the assumption that oppression categorically yields death or defeat Sexism as shown through the English vocabulary. In Alleen Pace Nilsen, Haig Bosmajian, H.

Lee Gershuny, & Julia P. Stanley (Eds.), Sexism and language (pp.

Flannery O Connor Term paper

. Stokley Carmichael, speech delivered in Seattle, Washington, April 19,cited in The Language of Oppression, Haig A. Bosmajian (Lanham: University Press of America, ) James Valentine, “Naming the other: calling, becalling and the inflation of euphemisms,” Language and Society,cited in Romaine’s “Communicating .

The value of a name in the language of oppression by haig bosmajian
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