The widespread use of the internet

Another example is that all family members are not allowed to bring their own devices during meal time, therefore there will be a lot of time for eye-to-eye interaction between family members.

Over the past year, 54 percent of new users were women. That was a world of special librarians going online with Boolean searches for university and corporate researchers.

Internet time, which is roughly judged to move at four times the normal rate of business progress, has rushed us to a place where the average Internet user looks almost exactly the same as the average television viewer.

If I want to buy tickets for a game, I do not have to go to the ticket booth, I can buy tickets online within a couple minutes.

What Are the Main Uses for the Internet Today?

As the result, their private and secret information like card number can potentially be revealed to e-criminals like hackers or crackers who may use that information to commit e-crime. It has both advantages like saving time and increasing awareness of people about the world around them, as well as drawbacks like mental tiredness caused by the information overflow.

Thousands of adult websites are available and can be freely accessed by people from different age groups. Finally, the government ought to setup a transparent channel to facilitate the information flow.

The widespread use of Internet has brought many problems. Consequently, they may have sex too early or commit such crimes like rape. What do you think are the main problems associated with the web?

Mainstream America wanted to know what all the fuss was about and jumped online, even with a 56K modem. Nowadays, one can go onto internet to get the recent news or even read tweets right after an important happening.

About me Posted by: What solutions can you suggest? Apparently, easy access to information through internet saves people a significant amount of time. To conclude, while the Internet brings huge benefits, it also has many problems that can do harm to its general users and children.

Over the past few years, most analysts predicted that mainstream Internet usage would occur when broadband access became ubiquitous in American homes.

That is why, I think many people exaggerate the usefulness of the easy-access information through the Internet which leads to mental tiredness. Young generation should be encouraged to get involved in social and outdoor activities. Additionally, softwares like firewalls or content filters can be used to block access to unwanted sites.

One obvious disadvantage is the widespread of unhealthy information, such as pornographic contents or material advocating ethical hatred.

Brief History of the Internet

Notwithstanding these drawbacks, the Internet could be overall beneficial if counter actions are taken. Moreover, the use of the Internet in schools and workplaces should be monitored.

The primary solution to these problems is that public awareness should be raised among all Internet users. For example, as parents need to lead by example, then they should give an example by using gadgets for a certain period of time. Please take this as an example only! The widespread use of the Internet has given people access to information on a level never experienced before.

Moreover, the addiction of Internet tends to result in low productivity. Therefore, each time they play their vision gets worse. Another solution is that parents should impose stricter controls over their children.

There was a rule back then: Consequently, when they are going somewhere for a walk or shopping, in other words they are offline, Internet users realize that they do not have any real friends, except those who are on the Web.

This can be done by themselves or by the shoppers who own the sites. They just sit whole day typing something.The widespread use of the Internet has given people access to information on a level never experienced before.

When Did The Internet Become Mainstream?

How does this increase in the availability of information influence life in today's world?Use specific reasons and examples to support your opin. The widespread use of the Internet has made the protection of trade secrets more difficult, because employees can easily transfer to competitors or others his or her employer's trade secrets via email or disk.

Top Examples of Internet of Things Technology in Use Today Nest Smart Thermostat. One of the most highly visible and popular pieces of Internet of Things technology is the Nest, a smart thermostat that’s connected to the internet. The Widespread Use of the Internet Has Brought Many Problems.

What Do You Think Are the Main Problems Associated with the Use of. Jan 08,  · Tomorrow is another day! My own IT blog. About me; Posted by: ngocketit | January 8, The widespread use of the Internet has brought many problems.

What do you think are the main problems associated with the web? What solutions can you suggest? Brief History of the Internet. The Internet today is a widespread information infrastructure, the initial prototype of what is often called the National (or Global or Galactic) Information Infrastructure.

Its history is complex and involves many aspects – technological, organizational, and community.

The widespread use of the internet
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