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Your first layer of concrete is thrown through the steel mesh and fills the seam area behind the mesh. Please call our office, Monday through Friday eastern time for pricing. Using this consultant will assure that the temporary wooden rib system, and building kit is assembled correctly, in a timely fashion.

The dome owner or your builder hires concrete workers who mix the concrete to the special recipe and trowel the concrete into the panel seams and onto the entryways and dormers per the Assembly Manual.

If your property is in a flood zone, the building plans have to show the finished floor height. Install and Thesis custom footer LikeBtn WordPress plugin. On site to blend the taped area to the DensArmor finish, skip trowel joint compound on the DensArmor.

A deposit is placed on the hubs and is refunded when the hubs are shipped back to Ai. These costs include travel from his home base to the job site and a return to his home base at the completion of the job. Onsite apply joint compound and fiberglass tape to finish the seams between the wall board.

Hot air and moisture will rise to the top of the dome. The dome is repainted when a hand is rubbed on the paint and chalking occurs. Because of its exceptional composition, it actually gains strength over the years.

The foundation cannot be built on clay and basement walls cannot be back filled with clay. The typical method for lifting the panels is by a man lift or crane or transverse forklift.

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The following is a quick overview of the Aidome kit contents and the building process to give an idea of what is required in building an American Ingenuity dome. Start at the top of the dome and work down. Ai dome owners recommend the following primer and paints: Remove any algae with combination of bleach water or oxygenated bleach water and then exterior concrete is pressure washed.

Typically the American Ingenuity dome is repainted every -6 years, it depends on your personal preference. The spray foam will harden in about half an hour, holding the box or pipe secure. Hiring the consultant for one week can save one to three weeks or more of shell assembly time depending on the dome kit size.

Add each website of the network as a separate website to your account on Websites page. To view info about DIY, click on owner builder. The American Ingenuity dome is the opposite of a conventional roof truss house in that it is self-supporting and its shell is capable of supporting some of the 2nd floor weight.

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Construction Overview

The sides of the dome can be painted using an extension ladder and paint roller on a pole. To blend the taped electrical areas to the DensArmor finish, skip trowel joint compound over the DensArmor drywall. Also allow the concrete to be rained on weekly or hosed down for one month to remove efflorescence.

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