Variable power supply

Variable Power Supply using Arduino

The complete circuit of this Variable Power Supply is shown below, Follow the Schematics and solder you Variable power supply accordingly.

First impression,after I received this PS, was power supply feels really well made. Also do not solder the wire to the metal can, instead use a small screw as shown in the picture given below. Big display board shows the voltage and current consumers.

Would be 5 stars if it was rack mountable. The value of R1 and R2 has to be calculated using the above formulae to determine the output voltage.

Powerwerx Variable 30 Amp Desktop DC Power Supply with Digital Meters

In fact, if your using it in a darkened room, the bright red LED numbers may be a bit too bright. No undervoltage when the powerful consumers up to 20A. Any short circuit or weak soldering will easily burn your transformer windings; hence check for continuity before powering up the circuit.

While some of our Variable Power Supplies have only one voltage output, we also carry dual output Benchtop Power Supplies. Also a heat sink is required for since the differential voltage is very high.

It has some weight to it, and it feels really solid, and looks nice as well. Was this review helpful?

Variable Power Supply

Now that our Display is ready let us start with the other circuits. Very clean power source. I have used the mini USB cable to power the Arduino for now, but later we will power it using a voltage regulator. High current voltage regulators mostly come in Variable power supply can packages, while using them on dot board do not place components close to them as their body acts as the output of the rectified Voltage, further will result in ripples.

If heating occurs it means your Arduino is consuming more current, reduce the backlight of the LCD to solve this. Our Bench supplies have convenient front panel mounted controls, either LCD or LED digital meters, and Output connections to provide easy setups, logging and parameter adjustments during use.

Once the program works it should look something like this. This is a very good little power supply. From now it is advisable to proceed with extra caution since we are dealing directly with AC mains and high current.

This is because of the Voltage drop across each diode in our bridge rectifier. This includes both Fixed and Variable output supplies. Powering up, the digital display is very bright and is easily read from across the room. If you have any problems let us know by comments.

As shown in schematics the variable voltage of 1. Our Variable Benchtop Power Supplies provide regulated outputs. Also, this Power Supply comes with a 3 year warranty. The choice of power supply was critical for my astronomy equipment power needs.

Whether you are a hobbyist, instructor or an industrial electronics firm, every workbench needs to have a Reliable Benchtop Power Supply. Some supplies have dual or triple outputs and feature the ability to have adjustable, fixed or tracking outputs in one convenient unit.

If you live in North America, make sure you switch it to the position. This is just personal preference for me. Do not use since the maximum input voltage of is only 24V whereas can withstand upto 24V.

Do not skip any filter capacitors from the schematics, this will damage you Arduino. The LCD display is very easy to read and is good that it is bright as the PSU lives outside in all weathers in a translucent water proof box and has not been turned off for six months now.

A Variable Benchtop Power Supply is a necessity for general design, testing or instructional purposes. It has a rubbery feel and a slight stiffness when turning. The knobs on the back for connecting your wires, are nice and solid with good strong metal threads no chance of stripping the threads out here while hand tightening to get a tight connection.

We can use any load which works from 1.Variable Power Supply using Arduino Batteries are generally used to power up the Electronic Circuit and Projects, as they are easily available and can be connected easily. Variable DC Power Supply.

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Huge savings for variable voltage bench power supplies, fast shipping, and friendly service. Mastech has three decades of design and manufacturing know-how in variable voltage regulated DC power supplies.

Find great deals on eBay for variable power supply. Shop with confidence. Variable Power Supply. A variable power supply is one which includes some means for the user to easily adjust the output voltage and sometimes the current. Adjustment is most often accomplished with a potentiometer, but may also be done with an analog control voltage, a digital input, an autotransformer, etc.

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Variable power supply
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